Pitt @ Tennessee Tailgate

Pitt @ Tennessee Tailgate

Who's coming as of October 19, 2021

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Matthew Barnes PHARM '11 2011 Thomas Barnes, Allyson Barnes
Thomas Barnes CBA '11 2011 Matthew Barnes, Allyson Barnes
Stephen Hadad UPJ '11 2011 Charles Hadad, Brenden Hadad, Tyler Hadad, Charles Hadad, Joseph Hadad, Drew Dempsey, Nate Wenger, Ryan Winslow, Jessie Winslow
Mary Karg A&S '11 2011 Ryan Hurt
Drew Nedzinski 2011 Michael Nedzinski, Matthew Nedzinski
Garrett Sipes PHARM '11 2011 Stephanie (Meek) Sipes
Stephanie (Meek) Sipes A&S '11 2011 Garrett Sipes
Zachary Trotz UPJ '11 2011 Stephen Harrison, Michael Gnagey, Rob Margetan, Christopher Gnagey, Wesley Terek, Ryan Brandon
Douglas Zubal UPJ '11 2011 Amanda Kidd

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